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„Hydroxypathie – On the Road to Bioavailable Man“

The Definition of Hydroxypathy

Hydroxypathy is a process for recognizing metabolic changes (diagnosis) and their pre-therapeutic treatment. The specifically focussed use of hydroxide ions (OH) and hydrogen ions (H+) in a hexagonally structured water matrix helps to regulate the physiological acid-base balance and set up a treatable environment.

Diagnosis because, determining which organ’s metabolic process is no longer functioning in the regular way is carried out through individual sense of taste.

Pre-therapy because, the balancing of the physiological environment brought about by Hydroxypathy has the effect of regulating the metabolic process, which in turn smooths the way to finding the actual form of therapy that can fight the real cause of the illness.

The name Hydroxypathy contains four word stems which represent all the active components and the character of the process:

  • Hydroxide – [OH]
  • Hydrogenium – stands for Hydrogen or rather the Hydrogen ion [Proton, H+].
  • Oxygenium – symbolises further Oxygen (containing) forms [O2, O3, H2O2, ClO2].
  • -pathy –names a healing process where the protons and hydroxide ions eliminate the disease provoking qualities.

The statement of Claude Bernard, one of the great scientists of the 19th century says, “The germ (pathogen) is nothing, the milieu is everything!” The truth of this insight expressed by the French doctor and physiologist still stands today. Life scientists such as the US-American Gerald H. Pollack and his team focus their research on the investigation of the milieu, the source of the milieu and the influence of changes in the milieu.

Recognizing the changes in the milieu increasingly enriches us with valuable data which helps to reinstate and/or maintain balanced health. This road to discovery could use more support from medical research.

The following chapters (3. to first describe my basic understanding of the physiology of the basis of scientific knowledge. Building on that, from chapter 4.3.4., I present the Hydroxypathy process, the concept and its effectiveness.

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